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Hunnyhill Primary recognises that volunteers have an important role to play in the life of the school. Volunteers bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills which they offer for no financial gain. They offer the school support which can vary from hearing readers to helping with school events. Each and every action is valued by the staff, pupils and governors.

Recruitment of volunteers 

  • Potential volunteers should enquire at the school office for a current list of volunteer opportunities.

  • Volunteers will be asked to complete an application form to be submitted to the Headteacher.

  • An informal interview will be arranged to discuss the volunteering position and the expectations of both sides.

  • If the volunteer and the Headteacher wish to proceed with the application then a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check will be made. This involves filling in an online form and providing proofs of identity. Hunnyhill School has a legal obligation to safeguard its pupils and the DBS check is not optional. A criminal record will not necessarily preclude a volunteer from the school but it is at the discretion of the Headteacher and Chair of Governors. A cleared DBS check is required before any unsupervised activity can be undertaken. Supervised activity is at the Headteacher’s discretion.

  • The school has the right to refuse any potential volunteer.

  • The SBM (School Business Manager) will make the role of the volunteer clear and provide support and mutual feedback during the period of initial visits.

  • The school will not place the volunteer in any position where they feel unable to fulfil their role or believe expectations of them to be unreasonable.

If you would like to volunteer at Hunnyhill, please contact the school office.

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