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Early Years 2021 Nativity

Early Years 2021 Nativity

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Coronavirus Update

29th March 2020

Update on School     Re-opening

14th May 2020

Public Health Update: 23rd September 2020

Christmas Period  Update: 14th December 2020

End of term Autumn 2020 Update

Sunday 3rd January 2021 Update

Monday 4th January 2021 Update

Friday 8th January 2021 Update

Thursday 4th March 2021 Update

Thursday 8th March 2021 Update

Letters 2019-2020

Update on Coronavirus

March 2020

Homelearning Update

21st May

Update on School Reopening

Public Notice

Update on School Closure

11th May 2020

End of Year Letter from Mrs Steedman       2020 

The Newsletters, rounding up the terms news, is published at the end of every half term. Daily news is posted for Parents on Class Dojo and also available on our Facebook page.


Autumn 1 2020

Spring 2021