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Statement of behaviour principles 


The Education and Inspectors Act 2006 and DfE guidance requires the governors to make and frequently review a statement of general behaviour principles to guide the Headteacher in determining measures to promote good behaviour.  This document sets out those principles.  


This is a statement of principles, not practice. 


The practical application of these principles is the responsibility of the Headteacher with support from the Inclusion Lead and other members of the Senior Leadership Team.  The statement has been adopted by the Governing Body as a whole and is informed by our values and our vision.  


All aspects of behaviour management and discipline are built on the foundations of our school values and include the recognition of the Fundamental British Values. The values we promote are important within our school community and throughout the lives of those that are involved in our community.  


At Hunnyhill we want to make sure that children are happy, safe and secure. We want every child to progress in their learning, in all areas of school life, growing socially, personally and academically. We recognise that pupils will have differing needs according to their age, ability, background etc. 


We use our school values of respect; collaboration & teamwork, creativity, resilience and determination and independence at the heart of all that we teach our children and we use our resources to help support our children, especially in emotional, social and positive behaviour support. 


Any actions or policies should be in accordance with the responsibility of the school under equality legislation. 




  • Every pupil understands they have the right to feel safe, valued and respected, and learn free from the disruption of others 


  • All pupils, staff and visitors are free from any form of discrimination 


  • Staff, volunteers and visitors should set an excellent example to pupils at all times 


  • Rewards, sanctions and reasonable force are used consistently by staff, in line with the behaviour policy 


  • The behaviour policy is understood by pupils and staff 


  • Pupils are helped to take responsibility for their actions 


  • Families should be involved in behaviour incidents to foster good relationships between the school and pupils’ home life 



The governing board also emphasises that violence or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated in any circumstances. 


This written statement of behaviour principles is reviewed and approved by the full governing body annually. 




Please see the link to our policy page for further information.   

Positive Behaviour Policy

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