Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs L Steedman

Assistant Headteacher and English and Curriculum Lead: Mrs T Morgan

Teaching and Learning Lead and Maths Lead: Mrs L Kirby

Business Manager: Mrs T Allman

Finance Manager: Mrs E Sharp

Inclusion Manager and Safeguarding: Mrs C Ward-Reynolds

SENCO: Mrs C Flawell

Early Years Teachers

Miss L Bennett, Mrs C Scarpato and Miss C Thomas 

KS1 Teachers

Mrs N Burke, Mrs N Gallop, Mrs P Glover, Mrs T Morgan and Mrs D Walker

KS2 Teachers

Mrs K Ayers, Miss E Capon, Mr O Cotton, Mrs J Elliott, Miss S Haynes, Mrs L Kirby, Mrs K Machin, Mrs R Miles, Miss D Pitman and Miss E Smith.

Other Teaching Staff

Sports Coach: Miss S Coombes

Computing Teacher: Mr P Gallop

Teaching Assistants

 Mrs S Bower,  Mrs C Cave, Mrs C Caws,  Mrs K Colebrook,  Mrs S Davies, Mrs S Egerton-Read, Miss T Fitzgerald, Mrs R Gaskin, Mrs S Gifford, Mrs J Hatcher,  Mrs J Haydon, Mrs T Hopkins, Miss D Hughes, Mrs J Marshall, Mrs C Moore, Miss K Ormiston, Miss N Pitman, Miss L Sarg, Mrs L Savill, Mrs B Searle, Mrs G Stevens,  Miss T Taylor, Miss M Thompson, Mrs K Wheeler, Mrs A Winchcombe (Provision Lead) and Mrs K Winter

PreSchool Team

Mrs W Dawkins, Ms E Davies, Ms C Goring, Miss C Leitch and Mrs A Maybey

Admin Team

Mrs H Hearne, Mrs J Hole, Miss S Steele and Miss V Dwight

Midday Supervisory Assistants

Mrs S Chiverton, Mrs M Cotton, Mrs J Hole, Miss E Lamplough, Mrs P Puddicombe and Mrs C Thomson

Site Manager: Mr D Mursell

Crossing Patrol: Mr P Stevens