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Should your contact details change, please complete the form attached below and return to the school office. Paper copies are also available by request at the school office.

The form can also be linked directly here:

The school will only authorise a leave of absence in exceptional circumstances. The National Association of Headteachers state that the fundamental principles for defining ‘exceptional circumstances’ are that they are ‘rare, significant, unavoidable and short’. The decision to authorise a pupil’s absence is wholly at the head teacher’s discretion based on their assessment
and merits of each request.

In summary:
• If an event can be reasonably scheduled outside of term-time then it would not be normal to authorise absence for such an event. Therefore, whilst we are of course sympathetic to the cost implications, holidays during term-time are not considered ‘exceptional circumstances’.
• Absences to visit seriously-ill relatives or for a bereavement of a close family member are usually considered to amount to ‘exceptional circumstances’, but for the funeral service only, not for extended leave.
• Absences for important religious observances are often taken into account but only for the ceremony and travelling time, again, not for extended leave. This is intended for one-off situations rather than regular or recurring events.
• We will take into account the needs of the families of service personnel if they are returning from long operational tours that prevent contact during scheduled holiday time.
• Families may need time together to recover from a trauma or a crisis. These should be discussed in person with the Head Teacher.
• The pupil’s record of attendance will be taken into account when making absence-related decisions- not just the current academic year.

To clarify, parents have a Statutory Duty to send their children to school on every day that the school is open to pupils. Holidays should not be taken in term-time as it is proven that they have a detrimental effect on your child’s education.
As a school, we are monitored in terms of our overall attendance and the Whole School target has been set at 96.00%
In order to assist parents and to further clarify the school’s position, the Governing Board and Senior Leaders at Hunnyhill have determined the following rules apply:
If a parent chooses to remove their child/ren from school without authorisation then the school will refer for a fixed penalty notice to be issued.
It is absolutely vital that term times are for education. This is the priority. Children and families have 175 days off school to spend time together, including weekends and school holidays. Headteachers will rightly prioritise attendance.
I’m sure you will join with myself and our Governing Board to work together to ensure that the number of unauthorised absences are reduced and that all children receive the very best education by attending school regularly.


Some Children, whilst fit to attend school, may require medicines prescribed by their doctor during school hours. In addition, it may be necessary for children with long term complaints or chronic illness such as asthma, diabetes or certain allergies to receive medicine which may not be prescription based. 

In order for medication to be administered in school, a form must be completed. A form is attached below and paper copies can be requested at the school office. 

Please hand in all medication to the school office each morning.

The form can also be linked directly here:

When your child reaches Years 4, 5 and 6 we give you the opportunity to give them permission to leave school unaccompanied.


To support this, we issue a walk alone pass which the children will need to have with them at all times so our growing number of staff are aware of which children are allowed to leave school unaccompanied.


If you are meeting your child halfway home they will still need to leave school unaccompanied and therefore will need one of our Hunnyhill passes.

If you would like your child to leave school unaccompanied, please fill in the attached form below. Please note that if at any time you need to change the arrangements, you must inform the school office in writing. 

The form can also be linked directly here:

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