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Hunnyhill Uniform

School uniform and dress code.

This code sets out the uniform and standard of appearance that the school expects from its pupils.  Governors are responsible for setting the uniform requirements in community schools and in this school we believe that a consistent approach helps to promote a sense of belonging.

The Governing body is very aware of the financial implications of buying school uniform and has therefore ensured that the majority of the uniform items are available at many supermarkets and stores


  • Dark grey school trousers, knee length skirt or pinafore

  • Light blue polo shirt with collar, either  with school logo or plain

  • Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo

  • Black shoes with firm fastenings eg: Velcro, laces or buckles.  SORRY, No boots.

  • Coat suitable for bad weather

PE Kit list:

  • Green sports t-shirt with school logo

  • Green sports hoodie with school logo

  • Navy blue sports shorts/Navy joggers or leggings

  • Trainers

  • Dark or white socks

  • Green PE socks or dark ankle socks in summer (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6)

  • Water bottle

The dress code is designed to help children in the classroom environment by preventing distractions and to ensure Health and Safety requirements are met.

All pupils are expected to follow the uniform and dress code.  If it now followed a letter will be sent home asking for the problem to be remedied.  Parents and carers are welcome to discuss any problems with the Headteacher.

Optional summer uniform:

  • Blue check dress

  • Grey culottes

  • Grey knee length shorts

  • Black shoes with firm fastenings eg: Velcro, laces or buckles.  SORRY, No boots.

PE Kits are worn to school on PE days.

All items with the school logo are available to order from the Big Wight T-Shirt company.

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Earrings: Many children have their ears pierced by parental choice and some for religious reasons. Hunnyhill Primary will only allow STUD earrings to be worn in school. Only one earring in each ear is allowed. The British Association of Advisors and Lecturers in Physical Education, BAALPE, recommends earrings are removed for all PE lessons to help prevent any injury to the child or those around them. We will however continue to provide tape to cover earrings. The school accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage. Other activities may require removal of earrings at the discretion of the teacher.

Jewellery: Some religions require items of personal jewellery to be worn and the school will consider each case on application to the Headteacher. No other jewellery is allowed except Medicare bracelets. Individual cases should be discussed with the Headteacher.

Watches: Suitable watches are allowed to be worn by pupils in KS2 only. Pupils must remove them for PE. The school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage. Smart watches must not be worn.

Hair: The school expects all pupils to have tidy hair. No sprays, colours, gels or similar hair styling products are allowed. Some pupils may have allergies to ingredients in these products and some products are flammable. Long hair must be tied back, boys and girls, with a covered elastic ‘stretchy’ or a hair band. Ties and bands must be plain blue or black and have no other ornament; this is to prevent distraction in the classroom. Hair grown long for religious purposes must be restrained in a manner which prevents the hair becoming a Health & Safety risk. No spikes, patterns or logos cut into the hair are allowed.

Head lice infestations will be discussed as a matter of urgency with the parent/ carer and a course of action recommended.


Religious Head coverings: Hunnyhill Primary is fully conscious of the requirements of some religions to obscure or partially obscure the face for reasons of modesty. However to enable all children to receive the best education that the school can provide the teaching staff and other pupils need to be able to observe responses to teaching therefore we do not allow facial covering. Head coverings which do not cover the face are allowed for those whose faith requires head coverings.

Following the Uniform and Dress Code: All pupils are expected to follow the uniform and dress code. If it is not followed a letter will sent home asking for the problem to be remedied. Parents and carers are welcome to discuss any problems with the Headteacher.

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