At Hunnyhill, each child is placed into a house (colours-red, yellow, green and blue).

Eight year 6 children have been selected at house captains. There responsibilities include supporting the organisation of sports events such as sports day.

Each child at Hunnyhill is placed in a house. The children earn tokens during their p.e lessons by using the school values. The tokens are counted at the end of each month.


At Hunnyhill, we value the contribution of all children and the Junior Governors is one way that any opinions and ideas are heard and feel part of the whole school community.

What are Junior Governors?

Junior Governors are a group of children from years 1-6 elected to represent the views of all children at Hunnyhill Primary School. Junior Governors are responsible for collecting the views and opinions of their class to be discussed during Junior Governor meetings.

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How are Junior Governors run?


At the start of the school year, 2 children are elected to represent their class as Junior Governors. Meetings are held once a month during lunchtime with a member of staff and a school governor where representatives give suggestions on behalf of the children in their class. The children feedback to their class of what has taken place during the meeting and ask for any opinions to be brought back to the next meeting.

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Our Library is maintained by our Parent Helper Mrs Jordan. She is assisted by 4 Year 5 Children who earn £1 per week to tidy the library. Children apply for the job.