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Geography literally means ‘the study of Earth’. At Hunnyhill, we want our learners to become global citizens. We want them to have a strong sense of place and an awareness of their own (and others’) impact on planet Earth.

Our aim is that all pupils will become conscious stewards of planet Earth, with a deep sense of wonder and curiosity about their world.


This ambitious vision will be achieved through:

  • Teaching which ignites this passion within our pupils.

  • Units of Geography are planned with this in the forefront of teachers’ minds.

  • Lessons, which are fascinating, fun and engaging.

  • Children look forward to Geography and lessons have a lasting impact upon them.

  • Additionally, Geography is woven through the curriculum, giving children a global citizen’s view of whatever they are learning about.

  • Teachers will have a clear view of their own place within the school’s vision for Geography.

  • They will be able to easily and confidently assess pupils in the subject and use this to inform their own, and the teachers in subsequent year groups’ planning.

  • Pupils will be able to speak, write and read confidently and passionately about their world from a local to a global scale.

  • They will form their own opinions based on knowledge and carry out their own investigations using their geographical skills.

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