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At Hunnyhill, we want every student to become happy, responsible and capable digital citizens. We strive to encourage the use of technology in a positive manner, ensuring that children have the knowledge and skills to master it, becoming creators, not just consumers.

Technology is such a pivotal part of life for all so we therefore recognise the importance of quality, meaningful computing education.

Our computing curriculum encompasses all the key elements of computer science, information technology and digital literacy. Alongside this, staff are encouraged to embed computing across all curriculum areas, looking for links to other learning and taking advantage of naturally occurring moments to teach and advise students, as well as modelling a positive attitude and positive behaviours around technology, particularly social media.

Beyond the computing curriculum, we are always looking for ways to use technology at Hunnyhill to also help our students be creative, as well as providing additional support for them in accessing the curriculum.

As a school, we utilise our school Facebook page, as well as Class Dojo, and manage these in a way that models positive online behaviours to both our students and their families.

Our hope is that, when leaving Hunnyhill at the end of their journey with us, all children will have a solid grasp on the key skills and knowledge needed to access the technology and the interactive learning opportunities available to them at secondary school and beyond, using technology in all aspects of life, in a responsible and positive manner.



Computing at Hunnyhill is constantly evolving to ensure that students are able to access relevant and up-to-date software and hardware, as well as taking advantage of new opportunities as and when they arrive.

We have in place a thorough curriculum plan that follows clear progression across the the school, ensuring that every element of information technology and computer science are covered in computing sessions. The skills and knowledge detailed in the units of work in computing build year on year. Alongside this, digital literacy strands are embedded in both computing lessons and through PSHE coverage, as part of Hunnyhill’s ‘Proud to Belong’ curriculum document.


ICT Progression Map

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