Hunnyhill Childcare

Please find attached our range of childcare from January.


Allsorts bookings for the new term January 4th must be made via emailing until 10th January. From 10th January bookings must be made via Childcare dojo message.

Why can't I book on ParentPayeach week? We have reached capacity on bookings, so booking on ParentPay each week will not guarantee you the days you need childcare. Parental feedback told us that you needed secure childcare bookings in advance.

If you do need unplanned childcare please contact 'Childcare' via dojo message as we may have a cancellation or a space that day.

I have booked, how do I make payments? - When we open in January, Amy our childcare manager will invoice you for the half term via Dojo. Payments can then be made via the Childcare option on ParentPay. You have the option to pay as much or as little as you like each week but the balance must be paid by half term. Please note we will be accepting childcare and student vouchers / payments. We hope this more flexible payment approach will support more of our families.

Due to increased bookings over the past 4 weeks we have increased the number of spaces available. We increased our capacity again from January and now find ourselves very near capacity on most days with only a few places remaining. This is great news as more of our families are now back in employment.

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