Please be reminded that an Absence Slip needs to be completed after a pupil has missed school.  This is available below for you to fill in and return as required.  

These forms can still be collected at the school office but having listened to parents who are unable to come into school due to work etc, absence forms are also available to fill in online below to make them more accessible. Absence forms are also available to download and print if you prefer.

We have also been asked why written confirmation of illness is required – why isn’t a phone call enough?  As a Local Authority school we have to follow the LA’s guidelines around the recording of absence which clearly state the following: “A letter or telephone conversation does not automatically mean an absence is authorised. A school must receive written confirmation from the parent or carer. Following this the school will make the decision as to whether they will authorise the absence.” (‘Isle of Wight School Attendance Guidance and Legislation’ document September 2018).

Completed forms should be returned within 2 weeks of your child returning to school in order that we can make the necessary changes to the Local Authority’s official registers.  They can be returned via your child’s book bag or if easier, scanned copies can be sent to the office inbox –

With over 300 pupils and the high volume of absence slips required, as explained in April 2019, we regrettably no longer have the capacity to send out reminders but we hope by making the form more accessible via the school website, this will be helpful to all families.  

Absence Slip