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Welcome to Hunnyhill Primary School’s Early Years.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the first year group in Primary school.This is the year group your child will go into the September after they have turned 4 years of age.

Is your child starting school in September?

If so, during October and November it is advisable that you come and look around our school. You will get a feel for the school and learn lots about what we can offer your child. We also have a Facebook page with open days and events which are posted here. You will also be able to see all of the fun activities that go on throughout school each week.

In January you will need to have completed the school admissions application form. A Link to this can be found HERE

During April you will be offered your school place. If you are lucky enough to have received a place at Hunnyhill then we will write to welcome you and inform of our transition timeline. This will also be displayed on our website closer to the time. Our transition timeline changes each year depending on the needs of the cohort of children we have starting with us.

If your child already has an ECHP then you need to contact the Local Authority SEN review and assessment team and they will explain the process to you, as your admissions route to starting at Hunnyhill is slightly different.


What does a day in Early Years look like?

There is a misconception that now your child is at ‘Big School’ they will be sitting at tables and working for long periods of time in exercise books.

This is not the case at all. At Hunnyhill, our Early Years environment is set up in a very similar way to a nursery environment. The children can choose to access the indoor or outside area, which classroom they want to learn in and which activities they want to engage in.


The pictures below show examples of the activities your child can choose to engage in.


NEED PICTURES FOR… Building a den, Floating a boat, Making a potion, Reading together, Creating something exciting using junk modelling, Writing their very important notes, Acting out their favourite story, Or dressing up and putting on a show, Playing in a band….. the opportunities are endless!

Please come into school via the back playground. The glass doors will be opened at 8:45am for you to bring your child into their classroom.

Our day in Early Years starts at 8:55am.

You are welcomed into the classroom to support your child to independently put their belongings away, speak to your child’s key person if needed and if needed help your child choose an activity to get involved in.

 Nothing like a bit of early morning SNAP to start the day off!

  • At 8:50am a bell sounds and that’s the cue for parents to leave.

  • At 8:55am the register is called and it is at this point the children tell us if they are having a school hot dinner at dinner time or a packed lunch from home. (More about hot dinners later)

  • 9:00am is fun Phonics. During this session we practice our early reading skills such as rhyming and alliteration skills. We also learn a new sound/ phoneme each day throughout the year. (More information on Phonics and Early Reading can be found on our Phonics page).


  • 9:20am is ‘Wake Up Shake Up’ to get our bodies moving. This is followed by ‘Dough Disco’. Dough Disco helps develop our wrist and finger muscles which leads to better dexterity and helps us to hold our pencil and form our letters correctly.


  • At 9:30am we have a chat about the day and  construct our visual timetable. This is visual representation of the order of the activities that the children are going to experience throughout the day. This remains up all day and is available for the children to see. This helps the children understand what’s coming up next and feel safe, secure and fully informed. Any changes to the routines are also displayed. These are depicted with an ‘oops’ card, showing a change such as visitor or school trip.


  • From 9:40am to 11:15am the children choose their learning. This is referred to as ‘Prove it Time’. The children prove to the adults how clever they are, demonstrating their skills in all areas of the curriculum. When the child learns a new skill or shows the adults that they can now independently do a certain skill they will receive a ‘Prove it’ sticker and get to move their name on Provitdactyl. PICTURE Evidence of this independent learning will be documented on Tapestry, your child's online learning journal During this time the children set up a snack café, which is open from 10am-11am. This entitles them to a piece of fruit and a cup of milk or water (no cost). The children access this independently and enjoy spending time talking to their friends and trying new fruits.


  • At 11:15am we stop and tidy our environments. This teaches the children to respect then areas in which they learn and the resources in it as well as giving them ownership over their learning environment.


  • At 11:30am its ‘Tricky Word time’. These are words that can not be read or written using the children’s sounds. They are referred to as Common Exception Words and just need to be learnt by sight, for example I, the, to, me, said. (A full list can be found by clicking the link). We do start learning these until after the October half term break.


  • 11:40am – we get ourselves ready for lunch. This includes going to the toilet, washing our hands and getting our lunchbox.


  • 11:45am is lunchtime. Regardless of if your child is having a school hot dinner or a packed lunch from home they still eat in the schools’ Dining Room. Early Years go into the hall 15 minutes before the rest of the school. This way we have more time to eat and it is quieter. The Early Years adults will take the children down to the Dining Room and for the first half term stay with the children. Therefore, they have some familiar adults around them if they need to ask for some help. However, by October half term break the children have formed a good relationship with the Midday Supervisors and are confident to ask them for help. Therefore no longer needing the Early Years adults to assist them. If the children are having a hot dinner they independently collect their tray and cutlery before queuing up to be served their hot dinner. If you child has a dietary requirement please make this very clear on your registration packs and the school will offer you alternatives. We encourage parents to give their child a school hot dinner as it develops their ability to use cutlery to cut up their food, promotes good table manners and eating habits along with encouraging children to try new foods.When the children have finished eating they return to their classroom to put their lunchboxes away if they have one, collect their coat if needed and then they go out onto the school field where they have their own area to play in. In the first half term, the Early Years adults go out to play with the children, so they have a familiar face to go to should they need help, reassurance or first aid. But as they form good relationships with the Midday Supervisors the children no longer needs the Early Years staff for reassurance.


  • At 12:45pm – the children return to class for the afternoon register. Whilst the register is being called the children bring their water bottles to the carpet. If, at any point throughout the day, your child has drunk all of the water in their bottle then they will be asked to go and refill their bottle from the tap in the classrooms.Although we ask that the water bottles are filled with water only, if your child will not drink water then please make this known to your child’s class teacher as we would rather they had a small amount of juice to flavour the water and they drank than went all day without a drink because they don’t drink water.

  • At 12:50pm it is funky fingers time. During this time the children will participate in table top activities designed to develop their wrist, hand and finger movements. Strength and dexterity in these areas are needed for writing. Some of these activities can be seen below. During this time a group of children go and work with the teacher. These short sessions are known as guided reading sessions. This is a time where we look at a short book together. During these session we talk about the book, which parts we liked/disliked, and why. We find the sounds we have been learning in phonics, find the tricky words we have been learning. As the year goes on the children’s reading skills improve the children begin to read to their teacher!

  • From 1:00pm – 2:15pm the children become immersed in more child initiated learning during the after session of ‘Prove it Time’.

  • At 2:15pm we stop to tidy the classroom ready for the end of the day.

  • At 2:30pm the children have a story and a nursery rhyme before talking about and reflecting on their day.

  • At 2:45pm the children get themselves ready for home time.

  • Early Years children finish from 2:50-3pm. When coming to collect your child please enter the school via the glass doors at the end of the long middle corridor. Access to these can be gained via the back playground or next to the main office on Forest Road. 


What clothes does my child need to wear in school?

All named Hunnyhill Uniform can be purchased from the Big Wight T-Shirt Company







Children in Early Years also require a Waterproof coat/trousers and wellies which will be kept in the classroom.


Does my child do PE in Early Years?

Children take part in PE lessons at scheduled times during the week. The uniform is per the link above.











How do I book school dinners for my child?

You and your child can choose on a daily basis if you would like to have a hot dinner or bring in packed lunch from home. If you would like your child to have a hot dinner you will need to order these online via ParentPay. School dinners can be booked in advance, so if you know your child is going to have a hot dinner every day then you can book these for the week or even the half term! Alternately you can choose the specific days you would like your child to have a hot dinner and book just these days.

If your child has any dietary requirements please write these clearly on your child registration forms and both school staff and the kitchen staff will be made aware of these. Alternative menus are also available.

Hot dinners are free for every child in Early Years so why not make the most of this!



How is my child’s class decided?

At Hunnyhill everything we do puts the child in the centre. This includes how the classes are decided. Unlike most other Early Years settings the children choose their own classes!

In the first week the children will begin to form friendships with both their peers and the adults that work with them. It is child led and therefore natural bonds that develop that depict who your child will be in a class with and who their class teacher and TA will be.

Who will be my child’s Key Person

Just like at nursery your child will be assigned a Key Person. “Their role is to help ensure that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs, to help the child become familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for the child and build a relationship with their parents” EYFS Handbook 2017, Page 22. However, we do not dictate who your child’s Key Peron is, this becomes very clear as your child forms an attachment with the adults around them over the first half term. After the October break you will be told who your child’s Key Person is and they will be available for you to talk to each day at pick up and drop off. Do not worry if your child’s Key Person is the Teach Assistant and not the Class Teacher, your child’s Class Teacher has overall responsibility for all of the children in their class.

How do you communicate with me about my child’s learning?

At Hunnyhill we use Tapestry, to record your child’s learning. This is an online learning journal. At the start of the year you will be given a sign up sheet which allows you to name the people you would like to have access to this learning journey.


How do I know what’s going on in school?

Class Dojo is our main method of communication at Hunnyhill. You will receive a code to join when you join the school.

What if I am late?

If you arrive at school after 8:50am then your child will be recorded as arriving late and will be given a late card to take to class with them. Late arrivals are monitored by the school and also by Local Authority.

What if my child is going to be absent from school?

If your child is going to be absent from school you need to ring the school office as soon as you can, ideally by 8:30am to let them know why your child won’t be in school on that day. There is an answer phone service if the phone is not answered so you can leave a message and this will picked up by the office staff and recorded on the register. On return to school you will be required to complete an absence form. These can be completed at the school office or can be printed from the school website.

What if my child has a medical appointment during the school day?

If your child has a medical appointment then you need to bring a copy of the letter the school office, they will photocopy it and return it to you. The school will keep confirmation of the appointment and the absence will be recorded.  There is no need for your child to have a day off on the day they have an appointment. If the appointment is in the afternoon, for example, we are more than happy for your child to leave school with enough time for you and your child to get to the appointment. Likewise, if the appointment is in the morning then bring your child into school once you are finished.


What if my child has an accident, hurts themselves or is unwell during the school day?

Trips and slips are inevitable when you are 4 and spend the day running round having so much fun, but don’t worry, in school we have a number of staff who are first aid trained and some of them, including members of the Early Years Team are also paediatric first aiders, this means they specialise in children under 5.

If your child has an accident at school and requires first aid, they will receive a wristband and bring home a bump note explaining the accident and the first aid they received. In addition to this, if your child has bumped their head, you will get a phone call from school informing you of this and your child will come home with an information sheet for head bumps attached to their bump note.





We will also call you if we feel you need to come and collect your child. This may be due to an illness or having been sick or had diarrhoea whilst in school.


If your child has been prescribed medication from a doctor, which needs to be taken during the school day, then one of our first aiders will administer this. In order for this to happen, you need to bring the prescribed medicine into the school office. This needs to be in the box/ packaging and have the information label on it. The office staff will ask you to complete an administering medication in school’s form.

All of our medication is stored safely and securely.


Will my child go on school trips in Early Years?

As part of our Early Years curriculum we go out and about on trips exploring both the local area and the world around us. We have been known to take all of our children to Marwell Zoo and the Sealife centre in Southsea! 


In your child’s registration pack you will need to complete a permission slip allowing your child to go on local trips. Any trips that require your child to travel further away from school will be sent out prior to the trip and will ask for you to complete any additional permission form. 

Hunnyhill Uniform September 2019

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