Ethos and Values at Hunnyhill


Our children are at the heart of Hunnyhill School.

The Hunnyhill team work hard together to ensure that our children achieve their very best.

It is a privilege to have your children for their Primary years-it is our job to ensure they all reach their highest levels of personal achievement and development.

We believe, at Hunnyhill, that we provide exciting, enjoyable and challenging learning which will support our children reaching their full potential.

Our school values are-

Respect– We value and expect ‘Good Manners’

Challenge– Always trying to rise to a new challenge

Resilience and Determination– Never giving up

Collaboration and Teamwork– Often more can be achieved as part of a team

Creativity– We encourage our children to develop their creative skills

Independence-Developing independent students ready to embrace the next stage of their life

These values support our ethos at Hunnyhill and underpin our expectations for all members of Hunnyhill School.

Both adults and children are encouraged, at Hunnyhill, to develop a Growth Mindset-please see the link below to explain more. For further information please look at the work by Carol Dweck.


CBeebies – Growth Mindset

Our children know that we

‘Reward Effort’

‘That Mistakes Help us Learn’

‘We are a Can Do School!

‘We Always Rise to the Challenge’

‘We Never Give up!’

When we asked some of our children their thoughts of the Hunnyhill Ethos and Values here are some of their responses

‘Respecting each other’

‘We work well as a Team’

‘Always taking part’

‘We are fair’

‘Believing in ourselves’

Our school values complement the fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law and individual liberty as well as mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.