Hello, my name is Carole Bailey and I’m the clerk to the Governing Board at Hunnyhill Primary School.Every school has a clerk to the governing board who is responsible for the administration. The clerk is also there to give legal and procedural advice. I am your first contact point if you need to contact the governors.

Who are the governors at Hunnyhill?

There are currently 6 governors serving on the Governing Board who are listed below. The dates are their term of office.

  • Lynda Evans (Headteacher)                          19/04/2010 to end of position as Headteacher
  • Michaela Morris (Parent Governor)                                               19/12/2016 to 18/12/2020
  • Maxine Thompson (Staff Governor)                                              02/02/2015 to 01/02/2019
  • Harry Kirby (Co-opted Governor)                                                  10/03/2015 to 09/03/2019
  • Karen Cassford (Parent Governor)                                                18/10/2016 to 17/10/2020
  • Lisa Steedman (Co-opted Governor)                                             01/11/2017 to 31/10/2021
  • Valerie Diebelius (Associate member)                                           16/06/2015 to 15/6/2019

For the academic year 2017/2018 the Chair of Governors is Mrs Morris and the Vice-Chair is Mrs Cassford.

Who puts them on the Governing Board?

  • LA = Local Authority Governor, nominated by the Local Authority and voted on to the Board by the Governing Board.
  • Parent = A Governor elected to the Governing Board by parents/carers by nomination and ballot.
  • Staff = A member of staff elected to the Governing Board by school staff by nomination and ballot. The Headteacher is a governor by right of position.
  • Co-opted = A Governor voted onto the Board by the Governing Board by virtue of the skills they hold which are of benefit to the school.

Who decides how many governors there should be?

Hunnyhill Primary has an Instrument of Government approved by the Local Authority and in line with legal requirements for the following spaces:

  • 1 LA Governor
  • 2 Parent Governors
  • 2 Staff Governors (including the Headteacher)
  • 7 Co-opted Governors

When do they meet?

The Governing Board holds Full Governing Board meetings most months, generally on a Tuesday evening.

New dates are set in the summer term for the following academic year. The dates for 2017-2018 are:

Full Governing Board meetings:

  • 12th September 2017
  • 26th September 2017
  • 31st October 2017
  • 21st November 2017
  • 19th December 2017
  • 23rd January 2018
  • 27th February 2018
  • 27th March 2018
  • 22nd May 2018
  • 26th June 2018
  • 17th July 2018

The Pay Committee meets as required throughout the year, initial dates are:

  • 12th September 2017
  • 31st October 2017

How do they challenge and strengthen the school?

Governors are monitoring the performance of the school through committees and by holding ‘portfolio’ roles tied to the School Improvement Plan, which you may have seen around the school, and legal requirements. Governors gather information by visiting the school; looking at external reports (such as Ofsted) and school performance data; talking to staff; and talking to pupils. Reports are then submitted to meetings for discussion and decisions. The Governing Board is a corporate body and has to take decisions as a body, not as individuals.

Who sits on the Committees?

The Pay Committee sits when needed, usually in the Autumn Term. Members of the Pay Committee are currently:

  • Mrs Morris (Chair of Committee)
  • Mrs Cassford

Mrs Evans is adviser to the Pay Committee. No staff governors can sit on the Pay Committee.

Committee members are chosen by the full Governing Board, usually at the start of an academic year.

How can I see what the Governing Board does?

The minutes from Full Governing Board meetings are available by clicking the menu alongside, there is also a file of minutes in the school foyer which can be viewed. The minutes will tell you what was discussed at a meeting and the actions and decisions taken.

Some items in governors meetings and committees will be confidential to ensure data protection of individual staff and pupils. These minutes are not available for public scrutiny.

There are also opportunities to meet governors at school events and parent evenings. Governors are unable to discuss matters involving individual children or complaints. If you have a complaint please follow the Complaints Policy available on this website under ‘Policies’ or in paper format by request from the school office. There is no charge for a printed copy of the Complaints Policy.

Governors must by law declare any business or financial interests which may conflict with items of governor business. At the bottom of this page is the register of business interests for  governors, and the Governor meeting attendance figures for the last three years.

If you would like any further information on the work of the Governing Board please contact me using the contact form on this website, by my email address listed on the governors’ minutes, or by letter addressed to me which can be left with the school office.

Here are the Hunnyhill Governors

Mrs Michaela Morris

I have two daughters who are both pupils at Hunnyhill Primary. I became a parent governor in December 2012 as I wanted to become more involved within the school and it is a role that I thoroughly enjoy.

My Governors Portfolio includes overseeing the Finance and Budget of the school and Development of the Governing Board.

I have worked within the NHS for the last 14 years and I am currently operational manager of the Emergency Department and Medical Assessment unit at St Mary’s Hospital in Newport. My hobbies include reading, snowboarding and baking.

Mr Harry Kirby

I am married to Pauline and we have four sons. I came to the island in 1974 as Deputy Headteacher of Hunnyhill under the expert leadership of Katie Belcher.

I was then Headteacher at St Helens Primary for three years before being appointed Headteacher of Bembridge CE Primary until 2005. Towards the end of that time I was seconded back to Hunnyhill to start the ‘turn round’ when Ofsted placed it in ‘special measures’.

On retiring from Headship I was involved with governor training, Quality Mark Assessment (including Hunnyhill!), Teaching Assistant training and Church school inspections. I was a Justice of the Peace for 17 years and my hobbies include, sailing, green and indoor bowling, and hockey, (now umpiring!).

Miss Max Thompson

I joined Hunnyhill Primary School, as an NQT, in September 2013. I am one of the Early Years and Foundation Stage class teachers and became a staff governor in February 2015.

I thoroughly enjoy my role as a governor as it enables me to be actively involved in moving the school forward.


Mrs Karen Cassford

I have two children at Hunnyhill Primary. I am an elected parent governor, a post I applied for so that I could be actively involved in the progression of the school.

Professionally I am a registered dental hygienist/therapist currently working part time in private practice. I am also a carer for my elderly stepfather.

My hobbies include walking, camping and looking after my two rescue Lurchers.

Mrs Valerie Diebelius

As an associate member Mrs Diebelius is tasked by the Governors to look at topical matters around the school and report back. She is a valued member of the team having been a governor at Hunnyhill and a volunteer for many years.