Classroom doors open at 8:45 am and parents are invited in to the classroom to settle their children, share their childrens learning and talk to the teacher if necessary.

At 8:55am promptly the morning register is taken and it is important that children are in the classroom at this time.  It is at this point in the day that, as a class, we talk through the day. Whilst doing this we build a visual timetable. This helps the children understand what they are doing during the day and a time scale that they can relate to.

From 9:00am children begin their morning session. The children learn through play throughout the year but the adult led structured sessions get gradually longer throughout the year. Therefore, when the children start in September they will only be expected to participate in an adult led sessions for a few minutes however by the end of the year the children are able to focus on an adult led activity for over 30 minutes.  This steady process is unnoticeable to the children but ensures they are ready for the demands of Year 1 and the requirements of the National Curriculum.

The first adult led morning activities is Phonics. We are currently following the Letters and Sounds programme. We teach phonics using age appropriate resources through games and activities. Phonics in Early Years is frequent, fast and fun!

In line with the statuary requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage 2014 the children have continual access to the outside area. The children have free flow access to both inside and outside provision which offers a range of stimulating, exciting and challenging activities.

The snack cafe in both classrooms opens daily between 10:15am and 10:45am. During this time the children are free to choose a piece of fresh fruit and independently pour either a cup of water or milk to drink. The children’s water bottles are available for them to access during the day. The children are also reminded throughout the day to go and have a drink.


Each child in reception has one hour of PE each week. These sessions are filled with is a range of energetic, engaging and age appropriate activities all taught by a PE specialist. 


At 11:40am the morning session comes to an end and the children help to tidy up. The children then get themselves ready for lunch. This involves taking themselves to the toilet and washing their hands.

Luncthime is 11:45am – 12:45pm

For lunch the children can choose to eat a packed lunch brought in from home or a hot dinner provided by the school. The children eating a hot dinner do so in the school canteen.

At 12:45pm the children come back into the classroom ready to start the afternoon session.

Each week the children visit the school library. During this time the children are encouraged to choose an age appropriate book from either the fiction or nonfiction area of the library. When the children have chosen they find somewhere comfortable to sit and we share a book as a class. During this time we talk about the features of the book, aspects we liked or did not like or make up our own story using the pictures.

The toilets in reception are brightly coloured, purpose built, and located within the classrooms. This allows children to take themselves independently to the toilet but gives them the reassurance that an adult is not far away if they need them.