Do you know what your child has been accessing online?

I am really concerned about the ‘Momo Challenge’ that is rapidlygoing around the internet. Sites like YouTube, Kidstube, Instagram,Facebook and WhatsApp are just a few of the ways children arebeing contacted or accessing this awful creepy challenge, whichdares them to self harm and commit suicide.
Disturbing images are being spliced into children’s videos such asPeppa Pig and Fortnite.
If your child has a mobile phone, tablet, computer or gamingconsole that can access the internet PLEASE check they are notbeing exposed to this sinister site.

NSPCC publishes advice and guidelines to support parents as wellas promoting NetAware, the UK’s only parental guide to socialmedia and gaming apps. The helpline number 0808 8005000.

Hampshire Police have issued warnings to schools this morning.