On Tuesday 5th February it was global internet safety day. Keeping children safe is always a high priority of everything we do at Hunnyhill Primary School. The children have been learning about keeping themselves safe this week through assemblies and through IT lessons but they need your help. Does your child have access to a PS4, Xbox, tablet, phone, kindle, DS or any other type of electrical system?

Do you feel like you are as knowledgable as your children about apps, games and messaging systems? Are you aware of the age limits of certain apps..
For example:-did you know that all social media or YouTube accounts are 13 and above with parental permission only. WhatsApp age limit changed last year to 16 and above and most games have parental guidance on them.

Lots of apps like TikTok and Roblox and other games all have private chats within them and everything is open to the public unless you change the settings. This means any player could message from anywhere in the world and once pictures or videos are on the web- it is forever.

To help you with the ever changing technological world so you can feel as informed as possible please find some links of some websites from the NSPCC, think you know and internet safety day with lots of resources and information for parents.

If you would like more information please let me know.

Thank you for helping us inform your children about keeping safe on the internet.