Do you know what your child has been accessing online? I am really concerned about the ‘Momo Challenge’ that is rapidlygoing around the internet. Sites like YouTube, Kidstube, Instagram,Facebook and WhatsApp are just a few of the ways children arebeing contacted or accessing this awful creepy challenge, whichdares them to self harm and commit suicide.… Read More

Walk the Wight 2019 A reminder that we need the registration forms back in school before March 1st 2019. On the 12th May 2019 we will be ready to meet you for the final 4 miles up Tennyson Downs. We have participated in this for many years and have even been the School has raised… Read More

Hunnyhill will once again be taking part in World Book Day! This year, the event falls on Thursday 7th March, so we would like to invite you all to come to school that day dressed as a favourite book character. We look forward to seeing what you all come up with once again this year.… Read More

There will be a Parents Phonic Screening Information Session on Thursday 14th February at 2pm. This session will cover the teaching of phonics, how we do it, why we do and all about the phonics screening test that Year 1 Children will sit in the Summer Term.… Read More

On Tuesday 5th February it was global internet safety day. Keeping children safe is always a high priority of everything we do at Hunnyhill Primary School. The children have been learning about keeping themselves safe this week through assemblies and through IT lessons but they need your help. Does your child have access to a… Read More

Just a reminder we will be holding our next Parent Leadership chat tomorrow morning at 9am. Come and meet Mrs Steedman and Mrs Ward-Reynolds to learn how we are continuing to move the school forwards and your views on how we can be supported to do that. Please like this post if you will be… Read More

Books and bakes! Hunnyhill will be holding a Book and Bake Sale on Friday 8thFebruary at 3pm. Do you have any children’s books that are of a good quality that your children have now outgrown? Please raid the book shelves and bring in any good quality books that we can sell on the day at… Read More